Hello guys, it would be great if someone had similar experience and went through it... For the last 3 weeks, I don't have concentration to work.. The thing is that I am overthinking everything maybe..

I made mistake when choosing my niche at first..

I have chosen some health niche that I'm interested in, but I made mistake.. I will probably make some separate blog for that.. We should do much more research before choosing our niche.. We need to research competition, market, monetization options, audience, everything.. It's not only that we shall be passionate about that..

As I told you, I have chosen health niche, and now, my competition are webmd, mayoclinic, verywellhealth, nhs.uk and much more.. It's almost imposible to compete with them I think..

And for the last 3 weeks I am thinking about working on my second site because I have lost my inspiration for this one in health niche.. I am afraid that there won't be results, it's been almost 4 months.. and still I get only 3-5 visits per day.. I have only 25 articles which is not enough I know.. but I think that i should have 10-20 visits per day at least..

It's hard to rank for Health niche

I know it's hard to rank for a health niche, maybe it just need some more time.. I know it's too early, but I'm just afraid to write new articles that no one will see..
I am adding some articles (best of posts) that are somehow connected to health niche, and maybe they will go better.. One of my review articles which is only 800 words long is on google page 1.. but not a lot of people is searching for that..
Some of my posts that are 3 months old I can't even find on google.. Probably because of competition that I have mentioned above..

Any Advises?

I would be grateful if I could get some advises.. shall I still stick to my health niche site, or really should I put my effort to second site which I think is much better.. it's about electric vehicles.. and there are no so much competition (everyone is writing about it such as CNN, FORBES and else.. but it's just informative posts).. so I think that I could find my place there..

What Would You Do In My Position?

Thank you very much,


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smben69 Premium
I was looking at some of those things in healthcare and I see that it is very competitive. So I'm still wondering about which Niche I'm really going to fight myself. I'm sure it'll come to you you will win Steve
mgranados2 Premium
Hey Petar,

I know exactly what you’re feeling and going through, I have my own health and wellness niche site and at the beginning it was an uphill battle...

I had spine-health, webmd, mayoclinic, all of them standing in my way to. No traffic was
Coming in after 4 months, just a couple, and it wasn’t till after about 9-12 month range that I started to see that 20-25 people per day at about 60+ posts.

Although “best of” and single reviews look like they work best, you can still rank well for the more general terms like “how to’s, but it’s all about market research. You’d be surprised that the articles you put out then start showing up on your google search console for impressions and then you can optimize them.

You have to look for words that are complimentary to your competition and not ones you’re competing against - having an angle is everything now a days in online marketing/affiliate marketing...

Traditional things that worked years ago don’t hold that much power today. Ranking a health niche isn’t the easiest thing but the things that’ll move the needle are your network, and things like guest blogging.

Video is becoming more important these days and I noticed that if you can squeeze in to a niche topic that no one else is covering, it’ll ad great traffic to your posts.

If you’d like to, PM me and I can help out.

petardz Premium
Thank you very much for your reply.. I will PM you a bit later since I am bit busy right now.. Thank you so much :)
mgranados2 Premium
Yeah, Ofcourse. Sounds good!
Dale123 Premium
If you think your second niche is better, go with that.

Also I have found I am more productive when working less hours & setting deadlines, than when working 24/7. Try taking a break for a couple of days then come back to it, and set a list of tasks for each day.
petardz Premium
Thank you very much for your answer... THe thing is that I had like 10 days rest without laptop haha.. But still, didn't get idea.. I'll try to write 2-3 more best of posts with some affiliate links.. and than just don't touch it anymore and stick to my second site...

Thanks :)