I have to keyword phrases the first has traffic at 1675 hits a month QSR of 311 but the SEO is a measly 8 in Jaxxy.

The second keyword phrase has traffic at 43 QSR of 146 SEO of 95. Which of the two are stronger? I am planning to use both, or would it be better to stick with one?

Lastly, there seems to be a pretty big discrepancy between Jaxxy and the keyword tool within WA. I am wondering why this might be?
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PSheridan Premium
I am not an expert in this field by a long shot but agree maybe use both
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
I would use the keywords where QSR is lower than 50 (or <30). Otherwise it will be very hard to get ranked if the site is new.

In the other words, I wouldn't use none of those but keep on searching for the keywords where monthly searches is more than 50 and QSR less than 50 (or less than 30).
Dreamer56 Premium
Hey Roope, Thanks for your time. I'll check it out but might be hard to do.
MarionBlack Premium
I agree with JohnWNewman.
johnwnewman Premium
I would use both! :-)