Okay, so I started my website on raw sugar body scrubs, and i used the key word rich template, i was watching the training videos, and I think they are saying to make another key word rich article? If so, how should I go about this? Is it possible, I could add the raw sughar body butter to my website, for the 2nd key word rich? I hope I hope I am explaining this right? Pls help, thank you all so much, have a blessed day!

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feigner Premium
it sounds like you have chosen a product as a niche rather than a group of people who have similar issues who would benefit from the product...
so taking it up one level from raw sugar body scrubs .. .why does someone use that ...what problems does it solve...
to get that spa skin feeling at home ....
now you have jsut opened your site up to prooting body scrubs rather than one type...giving you a lot more topics to write about...
but make sure to add a lot of informational posts at the start rather than promotional ones...
help solve the problems of why they are good, what to watch out for , where they should and shouldn't be used, what types are there, differences between shop and home made,
good luck Santina
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - ideally, you will be adding 2 or 3 articles to your website every week, and eventually you will have hundreds.

You need to do your research and find lots of keywords.

When you write an article, you use the keyword in the title, mention it once in the first paragraph, and then once more, perhaps as a subheading.

When you are ready to write your next article, choose a different keyword and repeat the process.

If you are asking if you can add an affiliate link to your next article to promote a product, then no, it is too soon.

Your first articles should be purely informational, and not be product based and should have no selling intent.