So I have a question for all the SEO pros there...I have only two of my posts bringing in traffic from Google at the moment. Both on page 2, position 12.

I have plenty of comment on both (36 incuding my answers). Both are bit over 2000 words, keyword rich texts, with both internal and external links, with only 2 affiliate links each. My content is approved by Google as mobile friendly. My site trust is unfortunately only 20% since it's less than 3 months old!

What strategies can I use to take them to page 1? Waiting is not the answer I am hoping to hear ;-)

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RHBarlow Premium
I am all ears also.
GaryJr Premium
Excellent question. Can't wait to see the answers.
SmallBizGuy1 Premium
I was doing some tests the other day with my site vs. a competing site. The competing site has been consistently ranked spot 1-5 for many years.

As far as content and keywords I had him beat. Same with site speed. His site is poor on mobile as well. The one area he had me on was backlinks. He had quality backlinks from very relevant sites.

I know the importance of backlinks has been downplayed by Google, but in this case it seemed to make a difference.

I hope this helps and gives you some ideas.
GautamWorld Premium
I had suggested guest blogging to someone yesterday, but chose to be silent here. Want to see more answers....
GautamWorld Premium
Interesting question. Now, it's two/three of us waiting for answers.
Agradecer Premium
Good question, Hanna. I'm hoping to hear also.