1. I hope to get some advice and guidance from the community on the best way to structure my website

2. My niche will be something like ; "DIY Home Improvements" I am considering 2 options :

a. Option 1. (One domain name with various pages)

(i) Domain name : "diyhomeimprovements.com"

(ii) Main/home page with the same title, plus targeted keywords.

(iii) Additional pages (each with its own targeted keywords) entitled : "Basement Refurbishing", "Kitchen Remodeling", "Garden Shed", etc etc.

b. Option 2. (Individual domains for each separate topic)

(i) 5 or 6 Separate domains, each targeting a specific topic

3. My Reasoning. Personally I prefer option 1 because of the cost saving aspect in buying one domain in stead of several others.

4. Questions. Please advise me on the following :

a. Is my strategy totally wrong ?

b. In option 1, will the articles that I write on "sub-pages" appear on both the relevant page as well as the main/home page ?

c. If people do a search with one of my targeted keywords, they will still end up on my site on the relevant "sub page", not so ?

d. It is the actual keyword that matters most, not the domain name ?

e. What are the advantages of having 5 or 6 different niches (each with its own domain) in stead of just one "main niche" as described above ?

f. The chances of being ranked for a specific keyword, are the same, regardless of it being for a "sub-page" on the main site, or if it is on its own domain. Or am I totally wrong ? (It is the keyword that matters most, correct ?)

5. Request. I really need your advice and guidance in this regard, as I want to start off on a solid foundation and build my business up from there.

6. Thank you in advance for your kind assistance.


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Strap Premium
This is only my opinion but DIY home improvements is far too broad a niche. The competition in that market is huge as you will be competing against big multinational corporations with marketing budgets bigger than you or I could earn in a lifetime.
You will probably be better off choosing a smaller niche where you can absolutely become an authority and become the 'go to' guy. Something like Basement Refurbishing or loft conversions etc.
This way you will be able to build a site that is far more targeted than these corporations can possibly be bothered with and your competition would be lower. For example, would the likes of Home Depot (or B+Q in the UK) be bothered with a whole post on how to enlarge your loft access?
Can you see where this is going? My suggestion to you would be to pick one of these smaller niches and really make yourself indispensable in this market. In time, when you have mastered this and the whole website/internet thing, you may want to build more sites. Perhaps you may want to promote bathroom refurbishment etc.
Sorry for making this answer so long but I hope this helps. I am sure some other members have their different takes on this

solidbase Premium
Goodday Strap,
Thank you for your valued opinion. It is much appreciated.
jvranjes Premium
Answers to some:
-I would go for option 1. This is all home related and you can build a big site.
b) articles will appear where you want them. See about this here: c) ideally yes
d) keyword matters most; it is not bad to have a brand-able name as well
e) they teach are here in lessons that niche should be narrow, but in your case they may be too narrow
f) it does not matter if the text is in the blog role or (sub)page
solidbase Premium
Hi there, and thank you for your swift response.
I value the inputs and advice from everyone who has walked the road before me.
I will also study the contents of the links you provided.