Hi everyone,

Based on your experience, what are the criteria for choosing a niche keyword from Jaaxy data (Traffic, QSR, and SEO)?

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DaveSw Premium
I would do some research and analysis prior to using Jaaxy at all...It starts for me with what do I have an interest or passion for, then which can I best compete in, and whether or not there are a large enough audience and products to sell to make it worth my while...

A good way to start is with interests, then do research using some sites like Reddit, Amazon, WalMart, and Facebook groups to see just what the niche looks like...

Problems they are having, products that they are buying, what solutions you can bring to them, and is the niche big enough but not too broad to get lost in...

From there, the Jaaxy can help to get together what the competition is, and you can have a look to see what they are selling or promoting, what their websites look like, etc.

I would start with the top 3 that you have an interest in, or maybe top 5, gather information, add it to a spreadsheet so you can compare all the data side by side...

At that point, it will be evident which might be the right niche. If two are indicated, select one and keep the data for the other. Later you can revisit that niche and perhaps do something with it...

Best of luck!

Dave : )
trirat Premium
Thank you very much for your information.