Ok, so I probably should have looked into this before but it didn't cross my mind as I had all the legal aspects of this business situated. (I.E.
18 USC 2257 STATEMENT, DMCA, DMCA TAKEDOWN FORM, Privacy Policy, and of course Terms Of Service.)

But as I was writing my first post, it hit me about how I am supposed to go about submitting a post looking for comments without offending someone, or not informing them about the nature of the content?

I do not recall any specific rule or guideline when it comes to content only appropriate for 18 yrs and older?

I asked support and they further instructed me to ask out in one of the classrooms?

Should I transfer the site out of WA and with a different hosting provider and assume it is not a niche that fits the community ? Or has anyone come across this issue?

Thanks for your help...


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BrightSales Premium
That's a good question friend. I think that the W.A. managers or owners should have put forth a screening of what contents are allowed in connection with building a website. Since we haven't seen such restrictions, I am guessing that it can be done. A business is a business. The thing about adult websites, is that google will not favored it as a typical website, meaning that you might find it difficult to have it successful. The big players have money and ways to get their adult websites up and running. If you have that kind of money and you want to create an adult website elsewhere. Keep in mind that W.A. only offer about 30gigs per website and that might be a problem for the massive videos and pics content for such websites. Unless there is a way for more storage, which you will have to pay more. Wish you the best of success.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - I have seen some sites here that relate to sex toys, but they were "tasteful" rather than porn, which I don't think is permitted here. You would need to ask Kyle for a definitive answer.

It is a legal minefield. You need a gateway to ensure that minors cannot access it. Your site will be seen worldwide and the age of consent varies from country to country and in some areas your site will be banned.

You should probably search for a hosting provider that specialises in this area, and take legal advice.
lucbizz Premium
Firstly :
"I asked support, and they further instructed me to ask out in one of the classrooms?" They did not tell you what their policy is here at WA about adult industry? Strange...

This is a learning platform , if your niche is in the adult industry is real ok. Just make sure you are in regulation with law concerning adult content.
If the policy here at WA is no hosting of adult content, then yes you should move your website to a hosting provider who allows it.
YumaBloggers Premium Plus
support is tech support not policy or training support is why.
YumaBloggers Premium Plus
you need special servers that are licensed for adult content, special licensing and a whole mess of headaches.