Hi everyone,

I am one week in and I am still going through the lectures. I am still very confused about how to pick a niche. I have wracked my brain on how to pick on and still am at a loss. Can someone just suggest one to me? the problem is that I a music artist and music producer and that's what I am good at. I am not well versed in specific products or writing to attract individuals. Am I just wasting my time with this? any advice is helpful. When I mean I am one-tracked, I really do mean I have zero skills. except for writing music.

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megawinner Premium
Here are the top 10 most profitable niches you can choose from:

Fitness and Weight Loss; Health; Dating, and Relationships; Self-Improvement, Pets; Self-Improvement; Wealth Building Through; Investing; Make Money on the Internet; Beauty Treatments; Gadgets; and Finance.

Choose your niche from above.

Choose the one you are most passionate about doing.

Do not choose any one of them at face value, you should be very specific, for example for health, choose a specific niche on health, say, different types of green teas for great health.

All the best!
cssturrup1 Premium
Wow, thanks a lot. I chose a niche already. Can we have two niches at the same exact time?
megawinner Premium
You can, put a menu for both with a landing page for both. Most of the others would say to have one niche for each website. Having your domain anyway is already a great investment. There is a potential you could sell them 5,6 or 7 figures depending on how good is the potential of your site.
MarionBlack Premium
Think about all the people who play musical instruments and people who buy sound equipment. And then think about how the knowledge you already have could help some of those people. That's your ideal niche.
AlyseS Premium
I picked a niche that I’m interested in. It helped me to have something to write about that I enjoy. I’m guessing you should do something music specific. Good luck. This is where to ask those questions so this is good. Try this training.