How can I create a keyword list in Jaaxy?

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Kyle Premium Plus Featured Comment
When you are within the keyword search, you can click on the check box beside the keywords that you want to add to a keyword list.

Then you will click on Save to List. This will trigger a pop up where you can add to an existing list, or create a new list. See attached.
Generalinfo Premium Plus is a training video if you want to full Monty 😁
JoeRebisz Premium
Once you've gotten the keywords drop down, you check off the ones you like and add to lists.
apache1 Premium Plus
Select the keyword or keywords you wish to use by ticking the box then a small window will pop up saying Save to List.

Click that and you have a choice to add to any current list you may have or create a new list.

In your case select add new list give it a name then click save

All the boxes that have just ticked will go straight to that list you just created

Later whenever you wish to add new keywords you can save them to a current list if it relates to that or again create a new list.

When you want to see the list in the second row at the top you will see saved list.

Click that and all the list you save are there.

Hope that helps

AbieAJ Premium Plus

You tick keyword, and click top save to a new or existing list.(see image)
Pete123 Premium
AbieAJ Premium Plus
So very welcome.