I believe the video said it brings in hundreds of dollars every month. Football Snack Helmets only gets 79 searching monthly according to Jaaxy, and of those the first ranking position will only get 14 users monthly.

How in the world is it so profitable?

Also: is it profitable to set up a storefront section like that with affiliate products but then have a blog in the back with a low competition keyword?

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JeffreyBrown Premium
Some very good answers to your question! Thanks for asking!
Labman Premium
Jay doesn't just rank for one keyword. His site ranks for hundreds. All of these are sports-related. This may be a poor choice currently with all of the teams shut down but I'm sure Jay can weather the storm.
The site also doesn't just sell snack helmets but sports related fan gear. Lots of people want this kind of thing.
AMGWealth Premium
Thank you! But how does he rank for so many keywords without a blog?
nathaniell Premium
Every individual piece of content you publish will simultaneously rank for multiple keywords. Although you target just one keyword, there two ways that you'll rank for more, albeit unintentionally.

1. Similar Phrases

If you publish a post called "best rain coats for dogs", that's your main keyword. However, you'll also rank for things like:

good raincoats for dogs
best dog raincoats
rain coats for dogs
are rain coats good for dogs

2. Related Topics

Google's job is to serve the most RELEVANT content. Although there are hundreds of millions of websites online, there are billions of searches being done. There's not enough content to be an exact match for every single phrase that every single person searches.

If there are not a lot of people writing about specialized gear for animals, you might turn up for some unrelated searches. For example:

cold weather hiking gear for dogs
best rain coats for small animals
do dogs get uncomfortable in the rain

Stuff like that. You probably won't rank #1 on page 1, but you may have a low page 1 ranking or page 2 rankings. Those still count as "getting ranked" for that keyword.

You can check these secondary rankings in Google Search Console in the Search Results tab.