How does google handle a dash in a keyword phrase? I have a strong keyword phrase that doesn't make grammatical sense. If I change it to make grammatical sense, the qsr sky-rockets. Can I just put a dash in it so that it makes sense? Or will this throw off the search and or ranking or anything else?

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ExpatMark Premium
“To answer a common question, Google doesn’t algorithmically penalize for dashes in the URL.”

We got our answer did we not and that site has a free newsletter too about SEO. Looks like a good site to learn from too. Good job. This community is awesome.
HelenpDoyle Premium
Try it. You can always change it later.
JMarabello Premium
Thank you
CathyOliver9 Premium

I don't personally know but hope this post can help:

Hope I could help!

JMarabello Premium
Thank you, though it was a little different than what I was looking for, it was a very informative article.