I am trying to set up my DNS. I see there are 3 hosts to choose from. Do I just choose one or is there a host we are supposed to use?

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Triblu Premium
Hey Laine,

Not knowing exactly what you are trying to do it is very difficult to advise you. Therefore, I suggest you read the following tutorials created by Kyle. Hope you find this information helpful.
LChay-Reese1 Premium
Thanks, Triblu for trying to help. I am trying to point my domain to a server. There are 3 choices. I am confused as to which to use. I thought I pursed my domain Thu WA. I hope that this info helps you understand what I'm asking.
Triblu Premium
Not know where from and where to... like I said, this makes it difficult to offer you any suggestions.

Perhaps seek the site support or tech support from where you want to change your DNS to and see if they can offer you help. However, you will need to know EXACTLY where you wish to set up your DNS.

Kyle provided the nameservers in the first training shown above, and in the second link above he offers advice if you are setting up your domain DNS on WA web hosting,

What exactly are you confused about?