I have tried entering gold coast before and after my keyword of live wedding music, but very little comes up. I am sure there are thousands of weddings on the Gold Coast and there must be more people looking than
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Larry_T Premium
Sounds like you have already gotten great advice. I tend to watch all the videos I can then if I still need some help go to the WA community. Works every time. Good Luck
rosieM Premium
I agree with Christabelle (a real sweetheart, by the way...always helpful).....also, watch some of the training videos here and within Jaaxy on keywords....you will get a fuller understanding of it....keywords are trickly little buggers sometimes! lol
Christabelle Premium
Mark (tomtitty) has given you excellent advice. You have to think about how the person searching is thinking and what phrase they would be typing into search. I would imagine their search would be more precise, but that is how I think!
tomtitty006 Premium
When you are searching for keywords,try using phrases.Instead of entering gold coast,enter weddings on the gold coast.Brides get married on the gold coast.You need to elaborate a bit more.
islandcat7 Premium
In WA menus on the left under tools(likeJaxxy) I come up with 14. Not much to work with.