I want to direct people to my website so they can comment about my article or the site itself,but i don't know how to insert my link to my site

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Jmahlangu Premium
Thanks guys for trying your level best to help me. But maybe I should clarify my question.There is a part of training called "DISCUSSION :GIVE AND TAKE" where we are required to comment on other people's posts or websites and also provide them with our links. So that they can also comment on ours. And so I can't provide my link on that discussion page . It is not on the blog or article but on the discussion page

Hope my question is clearer now. I also followed you guys
Sie3 Premium
It appears you want other members' opinions about your website. If I am correct, you don't need to copy-paste any links. Go to your main menu on your WA profile page, and follow these steps:

Click on Websites, then select Site feedback. That will take you to a page where you can choose to either Offer feedback to others' sites or Get feedback for your website.

Note: to get feedback, you need to have at least offered 2 feedbacks to others. You trade 2 points for each one you request. And you get one point for each one you provide.

I hope this helps
All the best!
IAnum1 Premium
Hi, when you are on the page of a post you want to cite in a discussion, first look at the browser of the page. The title of the post is there. Highlight it, copy and paste in the discussion. I hope this helps
GElkington Premium
Hi! Where are you wanting to put this link exactly? Your profile, blog, article?

There is usually an 'insert link' icon available (it looks like the attachment paperclip icon). Just highlight the necessary word/s in your blog/article, click on the 'insert link' icon, and paste your URL link there.

If this is proving difficult for you, you can copy the URL link from the address bar, and paste it directly into your blog or article.

I hope I understood your question correctly, and answered it favourably!