I tried typing a recent keyword I had used into google to see where I was ranked. I saw that my post that I had put on google plus (with a link to my website) was ranked 2nd overall and my actual website post was on the 3rd page of results. I was pleased with both these ranks (my website is gradually getting higher up the ranks) but was wondering - does the google plus one only appear for people with google plus (hence it being ranked so high?)

Please let me know if anyone knows the answer? Thank you!

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Ali-M Premium
Hi Louise, G+ is part of Google so that's not strange if they use the same algorithm to give ranking to the post. Just the difference is that G+ is a social network and probably use factors which other social networks use to give ranking to posts. Generally engagement is the most important factor. How many people saw and liked your post are also other factors to get rank in G+. Your G+ ranking is also very effective on your Google page rank.

Hope it'll be useful for you