And use the website again, if I want to choose a different niche, or do I need to purchase another domain for a newly created website? Your help is appreciated. Thank you!


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AlexCY Premium
Hi Peter. It depends on the domain name you have purchased. There are two types of domains you can opt for. Generic domain or niche domain. If you have an existing generic domain, you can change your niche in the future easily. If you have a niche domain name, you probably need to purchase another one.

The pro and con of a generic domain are:-
(+) With a generic domain, you can show that you are more independent by offering a number of different products within that niche.
(-) More Work - a generic site which features recommended products with a wide range of generic articles is naturally a lot more work than a smaller, branded site.

Niche domain:
(+) Better Conversion, when a visitor is searching for a specific niche/product, they are likely to be close to the end of the buying cycle. This means you tend to get a better conversion rate with a branded domain.
(-) You need to get a new domain if you change your niche one day.

Hope it helps.
Leonmbarnes Premium
Great Topic and answer. Thank you
drjec Premium
The domain name is used for just one website because its that site's address on the internet. If you begin to work on another niche, you will need to purchase another domain. However, you can always rename your website and change the content using the same domain name. I did that when I transferred a site to WA from another host. I kept my domain name, but completely changed the site. Your ranking on browsers will begin again when you do that.
PeterN1843 Premium
That was very helpful thank you!