The ads.txt thing is doing my head in. does anyone have a step by step guide for clueless people like meself ?!

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Twack Premium
Hi Gayle, not sure if we already spoke about this, I have used the 'Ad Inserter' plugin for adding code to headers. It also has a facility for dealing with ads.txt.
Once installed, if you scroll to the bottom of the 'settings' section there is documentation for it. There is even a 'tab' specifically for it within the framework of the plugin.
It worked for me.
GerriM Premium
I contacted support here on WA. They are very helpful and fixed it for me. Good luck!
manna4star2 Premium
I dealt with that a while back.

Hopefully this tutorial from Loes will help you. Sonny
Gayle3 Premium
Im stuck on the google ads keeps saying that something needs to be fixed and revenue is at risk
HeidiAnders3 Premium
There is an answer to this around here somewhere. I had this problem a couple of weeks ago.
Joes946 Premium
Not sure what the question is?