Hey Kyle, I'm having a little trouble deciding on a keyword for my first content post... I want to target natural products (my site is naturalproductsandyou) but I'm just unsure where to start..should I just
do an introductory article about natural products in general? Like an information piece? Or am I being too broad? I would like to touch on things like soaps (liquid and bar) toothbrushes and toothpastes,
vitamins and supplements (like protien powders) shampoos and conditioners, and just more eco friendly peoducts in general.. but like I said I'm having a me trouble getting started! I feel like I want to start with an introductory piece about how natural products can be better for you and your health but is that okay?

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TMalinga1 Premium
You can create your website and
After write a content
boomergp08 Premium
If you were going to describe this information to a friend or family member that was interested in learning what you know, what way would you go about doing it so they fully understand?

Writing website content is no different. Writing website content is the same as you communicating your thoughts and knowledge to other people, except instead of talking you are writing it out.

By taking this approach it would seem to me that an introductory article would be best to lay the groundwork for the type of information you will be sharing.
AdriJ Premium
Thank you