I am a village enthusiast, I like travel and explore villages I am developing my camera crew to film while on my exploration, I like study habitat, farming resources, meet with the locals get to know them, their culture, taste their food etc what could be like a travel vlog, one village at a time. My question is how I develop this idea into a site and what I can market? Please help me thanks

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lesabre Premium
Hi, well I do watch the discovery channel where an individual visits different villages at a time and shares their culture, foods, etc.
I think this is a great and interesting niche.
Without paying for anything I hope you may get some ideas from the link below.


Best wishes,
ratlhaganen Premium
Wow That is Awesome, I am looking into that. Your site would be exploring a number of niche possibilities. While you post videos and blog about your destinations.

Your audience would be captured by your content on these wonderful Villages. Then you can partner with Flight, CarHire, Bus Trave, Hotels that are within the vicinity of your wonderful Villages.

With culture and the people, you could be looking to partner with all things Clalinary what they bake in the Villages what they eat or cook.

Just to help kickstart your search.

All the best.

AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi, you may like review below resource by Kyle
Villageist Premium Plus
Thank you :))) I read if question I ask.