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I think a lot of us get stuck right here. We have a hard time figuring out what it is exactly we want to center our website around. I know I did. A lot of us have an interest or something that we like to do, right? I think figuring out a niche goes deeper than just having a interest in something.

"Have A Drive Behind Your Interest"

You have to have the drive behind this interest. You should have a drive to learn more about it and a drive to want to share your knowledge and experience around it. If the drive isn't there you will find yourself feeling forced to work on your page. You will become bored. You will put off the research you need to do to write the content on your page. I know this because I chose a niche that I did have interest in but there was no drive for me to do the research that was necessary to write my content.

"A Niche Should Come to You Naturally"

I think your niche should come to you naturally and it shouldn't feel forced. A niche has to be a genuine interest. It has to be a genuine interest from you to want to share your knowledge to the world. If the excitement to learn and to teach others about your niche is not there than you will flatline

"You don't have to be an expert"

I'm not saying that you have to be an expert on your niche. If you are not an expert, Google is your friend. I want you to feel excited to learn more about your niche. IF that excitement is there than the sky is the limit for you my friend.

"Love What You Write About"

If there is anything that you like to collect such as hats, shoes, jeans, jewelry, stamps, whatever, than that is something you have a genuine interest in. If you like fashion or make-up or doing adventurous things, share your knowledge about that. Share your knowledge on how someone can improve or enhance this particular interest. If there is anything that you want to learn more about that can solve an issue, then do the research and provide information to someone that needed it just like you did.

I realized that I have a genuine passion to help people reach their dreams. It flows through me so easily. I've always been the person my friends came to for advice. I've always been the person that felt the need to encourage people to do their very best and I've found a way to do that through Wealthy Affiliate.

Please share below what your niche is and why is it important to you so that others can be inspired!!!


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Cali Premium
If it is something you love, like or really really want to learn about then that will be a great niche. Amazon can give one some great ideas, I love big bathrooms and kitchens. Really dig on remodeling them, now I want my own instead of fixing someone else's house up. I just gave myself a great idea to research!!

Keep smiling, love your hair,
KachinaB Premium
Nice! Thanks for the compliment. Amazon does have great ideas to get started with the brain storming. You can find a specific product on there that you like and see how it solves whatever problem or if it improves a situation and the content for that particular niche will just start flowing! That's great that you love remodeling and your specific on what it is you like to remodel. That's a great niche with a great audience.

Good Luck! :-)
Cali Premium
terrberr Premium
Thank you, Kachina:)
A good lesson and warning for everyone!
KachinaB Premium
You are welcome. I just had to share this because it is very important for everyone to know and hopefully this willl help guide them to their perfect niche!