Have you ever used the site comments platform here at WA?

I absoljutely love the site comments platform here at Wealthy Affiliate as most of the commenters actually take the time to read & learn abiut the content prior to commenting.

That is the key & it's more beneficial to both the website owner as well as the person who took the time to read, learn & comment.

Have you ever seen the articles that my writer has written and/or commented on them?

Thank you Friends who have & will soon!

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YvonneBray Premium
Hi Tony, I have used site comments and have read and commented on your posts a few times.

Am I allowed to leave a comment on every post or are we allowed to do it only once.

I have to admit I have been bogged down at work the past few days. Finding it difficult to keep up sometimess.
GeoffreyC1 Premium
I have only used it recently and yes I agree.
maxmillion18 Premium
I haven't used this facility or feature enough times, but will visit there shortly. Thanks
Only1Hugh Premium
Tony I have seen you many times using this for review of your webpages. You use it well! I think it is an invaluable tool offered by WA that I would also encourage everyone to make full use of.

JEaston Premium Plus
I hope will seen that soon, Tony!
Have a good day!