Hi Guys,

I am wondering if anyone may face such a situation before, or whether it is common.

I have a content topic to write but when I tried to search for a suitable keyword to target, it all doesn't seem to fit.

So I am thinking my situation could be due to either or all of the following:
1. My keyword research skills suck.
2. The topic I am writing about is not widely known.
3. The topic I am writing may be found in a different keyword that I have not yet discovered.
4. The topic that I want to write about is primarily in the mandarin language and it is quite hard to find in English (at least I haven't found it.)

In such a situation, should I just write based on any post title I think works best anyway, so that even if I fail, I "fail forward"?

Somehow I think this question is only something I can answer myself, but I'm just hoping to get some perspective from the community.

I felt I am spending too much time finding the right keyword and hadn't moved on to the content writing.



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ParthaB Premium Featured Comment
Hey Richard,

A few things to think about:

Firstly, just because you can't find a decent keyword via a keyword tool or even typing the subject into Google doen't mean it isn't worth writing about.

You have to remember that approximately 15% of daily searches made on Google are completely new and have never been searched for before.

When you consider that there are 5.6 billion searches performed a day that means that almost 1 billion searches have never been typed into the search bar before.

This means that you won't find any information about it on ANY keyword tool.

Plus, Google is unlikely to come up with an Autosuggest query.

You've mentioned that you took a physical class where you learned this methodology.

Is the physical class a well-known subject matter?

I don't know, let's say for example that you're talking about a way to slow down your heart and pulse rate through Tai Chi in order to promote internal peace and well-being.

The main subject matter is well-known, but the intricate method is not.

So, my article could be titled something like:

"One of The Greatest Benefits of Tai Chi That You've Never Heard Of Before"

This helps me get a "keyword" into the title that is probably searched for.


For me personally, I would go entirely another way around it.

I would view the fact that you can't find anything suitable via a keyword tool or Google as having NO COMPETITION whatsoever.

So, I would just write the article anyway.

I would have reference within the article to other "popular searched for terms".

Once the article is written I would internally link to the article from a number of other articles on my site.

This would almost guarantee a number one ranking for the methodology that there is no information about online.

Now, I may receive 30 visitors a month for the article, I may receive 100, then again I may receive ZERO visitors to the article for the main search term that I have targeted.

However, I would still create "authority" around this subject matter.

I am the only person to have written about this subject and I am ranking at number one for a specific term.

This can actually lead to Google ranking you for related phrases and keywords found within your content.

So, over a period of months you start to receive traffic for other searched terms from within your content.

If it works it works, if it doesn't it doesn't.

It's only ONE article, lesson learned and move on.

What this means is that perhaps it's a subject that is better written about for non-ranking purposes, e.g. for your email subscribers, articles within social media groups, Medium, forums and communities, etc.

With that being said, if the article does start to receive traffic after a few months this is a good opportunity to write a number of articles around the same topic and then be seen as the outright authority in Google's eyes.

Imagine having 30 articles written around the same topic with absolutely NO COMPETITION at all.

As I say, just write the article and see what happens.

Sometimes we become so restricted by "rules" that we could miss out on something fantastic.

"Google Says", "Jaaxy Says", "Ubersuggest says" - No, I don't care, I'm going to do my own thing and see what happens (any business involves experimenting and taking calculated risks).

I know I've personally written a few hundred articles on various subjects just because Ive fancied writing about them.

They typically don't receive more than 20-30 visitors a month each.

But the point being that if you have a "few hundred" articles only getting 20-30 visitors a month it all adds up.

When you write an article, never think about the now, think about the future (your topic may become popular in the future and you have now created yourself as the authority on this subject before anyone else).

keishalina Premium
*** Wow! ...

... yes, excellent, fulsome answer, Partha!

Awesome! ...

... and appreciate your numerics e.g. "approximately 15% of daily searches made on Google are completely new and have never been searched for before." (that's where those <10 comes in as seen in Jaaxy).

... Super!

Thanks so very much ... :)) ***
OCH3943 Premium Plus
Hi Partha,

A million thanks for the enlightenment. Thank you so much for your insights and guidance!
EdwinBernard Premium Plus
Hello Richard,

I see you have received a lot of excellent advice. May I give you a counterpoint suggestion?

The most important activity, especially when you are just starting out is to write content to help your potential visitors. Don't get hung up on finding the perfect keyword.

If you were searching for what you are offering, what would you enter into the search engines using a short phrase? Then use that.

Proceed to write your article as if you were having a conversation with your customer. Remember, you are not trying to sell them anything. Your objective is to define the problem they are having and show them how the product you are passionate about can help them solve that problem.

Sometimes they don't have a problem. They have a burning desire to own what you have in your niche. Let them know you will be there to clarify any questions they have, even after they purchase whatever it is you are promoting.

The whole purpose is to give your visitors the highest value possible. Don't forget to invite them to return to your website for future articles.

Here is the penny-dropping moment. Even though you don't realize it, your content is filled with keywords that your audience could enter into the search engines, If your content is of high quality, Google will recognize that.

When your website gets filled with more amazing content, Google will consider you an authority in your niche and reward you with growing traffic.

I hope by not focusing on the technicalities I have given you a different way to approach your business.

Much success to you.

OCH3943 Premium Plus
Hi Edwin, Thank you so much for this counterpoint.

I have been going in circles and stalling myself from progressing. Will just write.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi Richard

The process we first find low completion keywords in relation to our focused niche.

For our choice of keywords, we always do an incognito search on Google before settling on a keyword, to see who appears first page of Google.

Or we may do in Jaaxy tool search analysis


Once we have reviewed the competition and found an angle onto which we can do better than the competition we would then start writing our content.

Isn't that what we would be doing?
AbieAJ Premium Plus
However, have you tired the new Alphabet Soup X (beta) tool going forward.

Autosuggestions via Google.

Kyle's webinar I'd try different combinations, check in Google to get refined answers to my dilemma

Let us know how you get on.
OCH3943 Premium Plus
I guess for my case, I am not exactly doing affiliate marketing on this one but more of creating content for a methodology that I intend to teach as a course in the future.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Right, thank you for clarifying.

I hope you can work things out. I would still aim to go with Alphabet Soup X - we are really liking the tool

Thank you Richard, appreciate your input.
OCH3943 Premium Plus
Hi Abie, yes, I am using the Alphabet Soup X. But the searches I put in are not giving me useful results (not because of the tool).

I'm blessed too to have received inputs from Partha and Edwin. In a nutshell... just write. :p
AbieAJ Premium Plus
That's fine Richard, thank you for letting us know.

You still need to do the searches in Google and Jaaxy as I understand from Kyle. But definitely saves time.

And also it is still in its infancy, thus being developed.
Aussiemuso Premium Plus
Perhaps try searching Google for the topic and see what others have used for titles and Keywords.

Lily 😁🎶
OCH3943 Premium Plus
Hi Lily, thanks for your inputs. I have done that but the results are pointing to something different (can take a look at my comment revert to Zoopie below)
Dhind1 Premium Plus
It is an interesting problem.

On the one hand - you feel that the subject is worth writing about but you cannot decide on an appropriate keyword for your article.

I would suggest writing the article to see what jumps out at you while you are progressing through it.

Then you can write your introduction/keyword once you have the basic article.

It should help you with ideas.

OCH3943 Premium Plus
Hi Alex, thank you. I think it is highly likely that I go with this approach.
Dhind1 Premium Plus
You are most welcome. I wish you success with this and everything else.