Has anyone found a free alternative to Jaaxy?
Just wondering thank you so much for your help.

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ManojV1 Premium
There might be free keyword tools that show you a bunch of keywords. But there is no free alternative to Jaaxy, not even a paid one with so many features. Most paid tools do not show you the QSR for searches and you will not know which keywords to use for your website.

I was using Keywords Everywhere earlier, a free extension but a few days ago they made it a paid tool for getting keyword search numbers. They don't show QSR either, not even the paid version.

But why are you looking for a free alternative, may I ask?
BlancaEsqvl Premium
Thanks for that.... I'm just starting my site for the first time ever and I'm looking to reduce my expenses as possible.
snaaaz Premium
Google keywords planner?
BlancaEsqvl Premium
Thanks, I'll check it out!
Bavi Premium
Hi There,

To be honest, is it even necessary to look for an alternative?

I ask that because I think Jaaxy is pretty much legit and in terms of keyword research it really gives you detailed feedback and works pretty well.

But I guess everyone has their own preference right.

Many days of success to you.
BlancaEsqvl Premium
Ok, Thanks