Hi members, I need some help please, I have applied for google Adsense three times and it’s been declined.

1. What do I need to do?

2. Are there any other options of earning revenue other than Adsense and affiliate marketing?


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Triblu Premium
Hey Lydia,

Not to worry, Google turns a LOT of us down without stating why.

Yes, Google did not like my personal blog (which gets a LOT of traffic), and now I actually now know they did me a favour as most sites that use Adsense, I leave once I see the ads as I do not believe those sites to offer credible information.

Clickbank offers a much better opportunity to make money online: Hope you find this helpful.
Lydianabwami Premium
Many thanks Triblu
CarlaNavarro Premium
I have not come across this yet, but when you figure it out please share, as I would like to know for future reference.
Have a great day.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - they usually give a reason. What did they say?
Stella2 Premium Plus
If the reason they give you has anything to do with content, try adding as many new posts as you can for about a month, then apply again.
Dale123 Premium Plus
I would suggest looking further into the Adsense terms - determining what they do & don't accept and making sure your site meets their standards.

Simply applying & applying again won't give you greater chances of getting into their program if you are not making changes.

Then, once you've determined the changes you need to make - make them, and reapply again in the future.
Lydianabwami Premium
Thanks Dale123, I will try to make the changes again.