I was using Jaaxy and found a 4 word , grammatically correct phrase for my niche that has a lot of traffic & search results but the QSR is zero.

Search =7313

Traffic = 1250

QSR = 0

SEO = 91

How common is it to find keywords with super low QSR and lots of searches?

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Christabelle Premium
Interesting discussion! :)
AllynBeekman Premium
I've seen this kind of comment several times before within discussions. There has been a little bit of controversy over such keywords with a few people saying they stay away from them.

I did find one archived discussion saying that Kyle had said to stay away from 0 QSR keywords. That's what I thought I remembered him saying in one of the training videos, too.

It will be interesting to see what others say.
IMc Premium
Thanks. Haven't got to that stage in the training yet, so not seen the videos yet.
judebanks Premium
Usually it just shows the result as <10. It is possible to get zero, but I would check it again later, after a data cache refresh in Jaaxy, to see if you get the same result.

Welshy has done a tutorial on QSR:


Hopefully you have found a gem of a keyword phrase. ~Jude
IMc Premium
It seemed too common a phrase to get Zero, so I'll wait and check again later. Just watched Welshy's video - understand a lot more about QSR now. thanks for the link
IMc Premium
And now tried Welshy's tip for Chrome QSR extension. That's showing a more realistic QSR = 180. So I think the '0' is down to an issue in Jaaxy.