I bought a url I liked and then realize it won't help w/keyword searches. Should I get a new, more specific url?

Edit/update: I quickly looked at Google trends for my keyword and found another one that would work at least as well, maybe better because it's slightly more specific. From there I thought some more and bought a new url.

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AparnaBansal Premium
The domain name (URL) has nothing to do with ranking at all.

Its like your name. It doesnt matter what your name is; it only matters what you do. That is what will get you popularity (traffic).
JKulk1 Premium
The domain names aren't ranked. The only advantage you will have buying a good domain name, that isn't to long and is easy to remember , is that customers will find you easier and it could help increase the value of your site.
The Second part of your URL will usually be the title of your blog. This is where you will add keywords.
RamblinMan Premium
When you say second part, do you mean the site's title or word(s) included in the .com?
EmakAmelia Premium
I think Jim means your website title which is followed by a tagline. Sometimes people create the URL or domain name that is different from the website title.
Your content is key to being found, more so nowadays the domain can be your brand but your niche should come through in your posts. I would work through the training and the low hanging fruit key words will help drive your traffic in your competition. Good luck, Phil
Dipper Premium
it depends mine was the same you can make that url become that keyword that brings in traffic by the content within. even if keyword low own it make it high