I composed a short list of questions to help people find a niche for their websites.

My instructions are the following:

I want you to take out a piece of paper and freely write what comes to your mind with the following questions.

Try to write as many ideas down as you can for each question and don’t limit your imagination here.

What are some of your favorite things to do in life?

What hobbies do you have?

What special skills do you possess?

What information do you know that most people don’t know?

What experiences do you have?

Please let me know if anyone has any ideas, comments, or helpful suggestions how they came up with their own Niche Websites or advise for others. Thanks, Todd

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JennPGD Premium
My favorite: What are your dreams/goals/vision?
Nice Todd. :)

tmaltz Premium
Thanks Jenn, I like it! You look for the end result and then work backwards to find your niche. Cheers, Todd
JennPGD Premium
Yeah... Now that you mention it, I do.. hahaha.. Thanks, Todd.
Trialynn Premium
Get them headed in the right direction!
NickWild Premium
That's some good advice especially when you know enough to start your own product! It will work for a lot of people, but if the people are in the same boat as I am it is not so easy to come up with enough information that you can actually start your own product!
Like i have been a keen photographer since I was very young but never been able to make it my career so now I know a lot about photography but not enough to start a website about it!
So my point is if you don't know enough about your interests to start your own product website its then best to start at Affilliate Marketing.

Other than that you gave some good advice there!
tmaltz Premium
Yeah Nick. As I have been researching this topic today. I ran into an article that spoke about not knowing a niche before you enter it. And the point of the article was that this is a good thing. That way you take the perspective of a newbie and can present your findings as you discover them. This is a perspective that is easier to understand versus the guru who is taking the perspective of a more advanced outlook on a niche topic. Food for thought.
SandyL Premium
That should get people on the right path!
tmaltz Premium
Hopefully SandyL, those are tough questions to ask yourself sometimes, but worth it in the long run to find happiness. At least that's my 2 cents