Howdy! So... I'm working on my first web site, just to get the process down and learn as I go through the videos. But beginning to think of the next sites. The top 2 that keep bubbling to the top are....

1. Grandparents raising their grandchildren.

2. Individuals who have experienced concussions

Both are things that resonate with me personally. Not sexy, but for folks who are dealing with these, the resources seem to be few. But, altruism and personal interest aside, the point is to monetize the heck out of these.

Thoughts and feedback would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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Ann41 Premium
both are good, i have had a brush with both meaning i can relate hmmm i am thinking
zcfpbaby Premium
I think both are great. I think BarbarbaBC's advice was good. You could start with one and then go when to the other when you are ready to do so. Best wishes.
jojocinq Premium
I’m a grandparent taking care o 2 of my grandchildren 3 days a week. I think it’s a great niche.

But both are good
CMKetay Premium
Mine lives with me.
Cav1966 Premium
Both are great...i would start with the one u have the most passion for both can be monitized in numerous ways..tons of affiliate programs that would compliment both.
I know a few members have sites on grandparents rajsing kids .
A concussion site could be monitized as wdll tons kf health related affiliate programs
Good luck
CMKetay Premium
Thanks for your insite. Appreciate your taking time.
BarbaraBC Premium
I'm not the best authority. There are people here that have a better judgment of these things. But I like both of the ideas, because they are truly helpful topics. I would ask, is there an audience? Are there monitizing opportunities? Search the web and see what your competition might be.
Best to you.
CMKetay Premium
Great thoughts! Thank you for taking time to help me out!