Hi Kyle, I was reading the notes about the white background theme. For most of the time my website had a white background, but it looked bland and boring.
I a few months ago I was trying to find a different theme and I come across a theme that seems to fit my topic and niche a lot better. It has a black background and I have added coloring to make it read easier.
If you get an opportunity, could you take a glance at my website and tell me what you think of the black background.
I really like the way it looks now. It looks so much better than the white background.
Appreciate or comments.
Thanks, johnny

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HelenpDoyle Premium
I am with Feigner. The black is a bit stark. Play around with your css codes. I tend to like a grey/blue. If you want to try this start with colour R 77 G 111 and B 145 (or in other format 4d6f91).
feigner Premium
if you want to stick with the black - personally i would turn the text slightly greyer to ease eye strain.