Im wondering how valid clickbank is to this kind of opportunity

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MurieB86 Premium
I see clicksure as such a affiliate network too, so many get rich quick schemes including a product that I fell for. I managed to get all of my money back after emailing the hosting company and calling my credit card company. So tricky these days!
eBusinessAce Premium
Clickbank is tainted by many Quick Get Rich Scam Products. Avoid them and focus on other Clickbank products and you will be fine.
iJared Premium
This one is tricky isn't it.

Clickbank features a lot of digital products and systems and I dare say that the reputation is not always the greatest. Some would say some of the products or "systems" are the real reason the Internet marketing and affiliation industry has a bad name.

My theory is you are building a brand on your site and the products you will choose to represent will be a direct representation of you, so be sure you feel the product has integrity before you promote it.

We are here to learn how to be an affiliate for anything we believe in and I would say there might be treasures for all of us to promote if we are diligent and keep to our principles.

Just my humble opinion.
btillman Premium
Excellent ponts. I totally agree with your view.
PMakaris Premium
Yes, what Jared says is true. It does seem after all Clickbank accepts any affiliate products out there, scam or legitimate, doesn't matter. In the end its all about the money to them. Furthermore, Kyle will train you on how to implement affiliate networks such as Clickbank within bootcamp.
CarlaIves Premium
Yes, it's valid, but I'm not a huge Clickbank fan. If you find a good product, you can make some $$$.
davyrobot Premium
Hi Carla!

It's full of Great products!

I should know I promote enough of them! :)
CarlaIves Premium
Well, we will have to have some conversation, David. I never had much luck there. I would like to know how to work it. I watched one of their extra long webinars and it drove me nuts!
steveo5770 Premium
What do you mean by Valid? WA teaches affiliate marketing. Clickbank is an affiliate network with thousands of products that can be promoted through affiliate marketing. Does that help?
Raven0702 Premium
Ok I see. Thank you :)