Ok, so if I have a keyword - example "skate boarding for beginners". Am I ok to have "all about skateboarding for beginners" (ie a phrase encompassing the keyword rather than just keyword alone) or will this hinder things?

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Prestones Premium
Greetings Julie!

Ideally, you'd like to have the keyword in the URL of the page, in the page title, in one of the headings for your content, and in the content. You'll absolutely have to add other words in front of and behind your keyword within your content.

In fact, one of the rules we're taught here is that the keyword has to be something you can use (without alteration) in a sentence. Having said that, if you're using it in a sentence, you have to add other words to the keyword.

Google will sort it out, your site visitors will see the keyword they searched for, and all will be well with the world.

Best of luck with your efforts!

hostelgirl Premium
Thanks Dennis. It is grammatically correct but just thing it will sound better in a sentence.
jvranjes Premium
Google will find your keyword do not worry. You can add anything in front of it, or behind it. Juts make sure that you have the same keyword in meta-title, meta-description, url, in the first paragraph, and eventually in Alt Text in figure(s).
upsgirl Premium
Changing ANY WORD changes the results...absolutely!
Hey, girl!!!