I have a niche that I feel would be great, (home-renovation) and a great domain available to match it. However, there is a lot available about the topic already and I don't really see a way to effectively narrow down the topic without limiting myself too much. I am not interested in kitchens alone, or bathrooms or any other single aspect of remodeling. The whole big picture is much more interesting to me. Is it necessary to pick something with a much narrower focus?

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JMarabello Premium
Thank you all for your responses. They reinforced what I was already thinking while giving me ideas to chew on as well.
Much appreciated.
HenryOskam Premium
Hey good question.
I choose a niche but kept the aspect of it very broad so I think it depends on your comfort level working on all levels of your niche, and your ability to articulate it to your advantage.
nudge1969 Premium
Although narrowing down your niche is ideal so as not to compete with the big guys, it may not be suitable for all niches.

However, you could probably narrow down to home-renovation on a budget, or home-renovation for the inexperienced / for women / for seniors etc. This way you're still doing full house renovation but you're targeting a certain demographic.

If you're going to use local affiliate home renovation stores, you'd consider home-renovation in (your location).

The answer to your question is no, you don't need to narrow down your niche. But it will be easier to rank if you can focus your target audience.
etseil20 Premium
Hi there,

Not necessarily. Your niche (home-renovation) is broad so you can separate your niche into categories for just one website.

For one of my niches (time-management), I started a website that aimed toward a general audience. But now I've built out my site in the last few months, I want to narrow it down to target a specific group. My audience consists of employees, business owners, CEOS, etc. Then maybe I'll build another niche site writing time-management content for another group (for example, college students or busy parents).

So if you want to go my route, you can set up your niche website that focuses on kitchen renovations. Then later on, maybe do another website that looks into bathroom remodeling.

I suggest you break it down to targeting groups that specific areas of home renovations. But that's just me.

Hope this helps- best wishes.