I may have missed the discussion where this question was raised. My apologies for that - if that is the case.

For example, my niche is oranges, then I write loads of content under this niche 'Oranges' as shown above in the diagram.

Say, I decide to add the Heading Blog on the menu, can I write about anything I feel like that is not related to oranges?

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MKearns Premium
By staying on track to your niche you stay on track to your all important audience. The paramount thing to keep in mind!
ZEGU Premium
Thanks, Michael, I will stay put in my area and do my best to keep my audience.

I got tempted to divert but I will take your advice on board.
mikewood1975 Premium
You need to keep it to oranges, but you can do comparisons to other things.
ZEGU Premium
Great! Thanks for the advice, Mike.

I was beginning to digress elsewhere. Its better I checked before it was too late.
ZEGU Premium
Thank you so much, Jeannine, for your response. I like the neighborhood concept, I relate to it. Enjoy the rest of your day!.
SeanGreentre Premium
Hi there,
If I understand your question correctly, I'd say that if your website niche is 'oranges' based, then to get the most value in terms of SEO, you're better trying to keep blog posts in someway related to it. Minor diversification is fine... in fact I'd say it is good, but it should link back, in some way, to oranges. Search engines mark down sites with unrelated content so I wouldn't stray too far away from the main topic of the niche. So, for example, if your site is about oranges then blog posts could be:

- What are the health benefits of oranges?
- 10 great dessert recipes that use oranges
- How and where are the best oranges grown
- What oranges are best for making marmalade?
- What is the best fruit for juicing
- What are the best juicers on the market?
- Are you getting enough vitamin C?
- How much and what fruit should we eat every day?

So as you can see, the latter four topics are related but don't necessarily solely cover the topic of oranges alone, though are related. Obviously you'd need to do your keyword research to hone these, but you get the idea.

So yes, have a blog that talks about and around your niche, but don't stray too far away from the niche, if that makes sense?

Hope that helps?

Kind regards,

ZEGU Premium
I get it. Thanks for explaining. It certainly has helped me to map things out on one of my websites.
SeanGreentre Premium
My pleasure. :-)
JeannineC Premium
It is best if you stay focused on oranges. It helps Google to understand that is your focus, confirming basically the "neighborhood" you've chosen to live in.