I am wondering as the Keyword Lists latest list is from 2013?

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JudeP Premium
I would conduct my own research as lots of things change in the way the Google algorithm works :)
Hlouwrens Premium
I hope the key word list will be updated. i think a lot changed on the internet since 2013
MKearns Premium
Basically they are relevant to the freshness of your content and how Google ranks them in SEO. Some of the google Algorithms may change them though. Mentioned at this site. https://searchenginewatch.com/sew/how-to/2390744/are-keywords-relevant-to-seo-in-2015
AndiTointon Premium
I will go and have a look at this - thank you.
AmberA Premium
Are you talking about the keyword lists on WA right? I have noticed that they are years out of date. Although some may still be very relevant things do change. Personally, I would find my own keywords. You could use them as inspiration bu the keyword tool will be your better friend.
johnwnewman Premium
All your keywords will continue to be ranked by Google.