I heard from a good source that keyword research tools do not work, shouldn't waste your time with them. They suggested just using the alphabet soup technique.
I do use Jaxxy but at times while using alphabet soup technique I find good keywords , then I will plug it into Jaxxy to see a <10 so I wonder at that point should I use the keyword or not?
Kelly :)

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AlexEvans Premium
When it comes to keyword research everybody seems to have an opinion including Dudley the cat.

Speaking to your question should I use the keyword or not?

When it comes to results <10, many times they are terms the average searcher would use. There can be descrepencices in any research tool.

They provide a starting point, it is the skill that the researcher brings to the task. The more practice the more intunned we can get.

When you think about it there are many research tools, one of the keys I have found is not to overthink it. Find the routine, tools and processes that suit your writing style and work at perfecting your technique, there's no right or wrong metholodgy, when it comes to research. Thinking about it what others do and write isn't going to put $ in my Pay Pal account.

If you write consistently some will be winners, some sinkers.
Jaz333 Premium
I use keyword research tools like Jaaxy but I certainly don't use them exclusively. I always cross check the keywords on Google and I have also recently started using the Search Analysis tab in Jaaxy for this too which offers more concrete stats.

I don't really trust the traffic figures on Jaaxy. I have used keywords with <10 stats and got more traffic than that per month even when my article wasn't even ranking on page 1.

I take a look at which sites are ranking on page one of Google, Yahoo/Bing for those keywords. I look at the ranking articles to see which topics are discussed (and if those topics were explained fully and questions answered completely). I keep an eye on the word count and make sure the content I publish is always at least the same length, and longer if possible.

It is a good idea to look at the 'questions also asked' section too and incorporate some of them into your content. These questions are specific queries real people are asking. Google felt they were important enough and asked frequently enough to include them in the SERPS so you can bet your content will have a better chance of ranking if it answers these questions.

Most importantly, have fun with it. Your enthusiasm and passion for the subject matter will shine through in your writing, drawing even more people in :)

Best, Shannon
feigner Premium
if you look through Partha's blogs he will say keyword tools don't work...
and to a certain degree i agree with him...
i still use jaaxy occasionally in alphabet soup mode and save the keywords to a list...
but i tend to use a keyword tool that scrapes the auto fill, related dand questions all of which are as live as you can get...
and then search for questions...
then think about why they would have asked that question...
look at page one of google for that query...
see if it is fully answered... if not then write an article and add value...
reasoning for that is people are searching for that query...
so yes carry on using keyword tools but definitely don't rely on the volume data....
fill your site with high quality content relevant to your niche and google will find it and categorize it....
check how you are doing with your search console and even google keyword planner in adwords to see what google thinks of your site with regards keywords if you must...
but if you are confident about your niche then write content for your site....
and link it together...and out to other authority blogs...
have fun
philmedia Premium Plus
Hi Kelly it's a research tool to start the journey and a useful one. It is what the audience are searching for..... so I might start with a jaaxy search go to alphabet soup then see what is coming up in google. Questions other phrases etc. You can then craft your article from that. Jaaxy is a great research tool as part of a wider mix including how we use it to tell a story or ask a question. Just my view but I'm not an authority:( Good luck Phil
tommo1968 Premium Plus
Keyword tools give you important info so you can decide if it's worth writing about. Things like QSR Quoted search results, traffic volume and other tolls give how difficult it is to rank for.

Taking these things and then looking at the first page on google for the keyword will tell you a lot more like who is already ranking there and is it possible to beat.

I wouldn't get too hung up on the traffic figure. I have ranked for keywords with the <10 figure and found I got loads of traffic a month from it. For me the lower the QSR is the better.

Tools like AHREFS and SEMrush give you so many more variables and can show up loads of great ideas but they do come at a price that most newbies are not able to afford.

You can get FREE accounts that give some diamond ideas so check them out.

The alphabet soup idea is also good, if you see one you like type it into google to see whos ranking and if you can compete and take it from there but you will not get a complete picture from that alone so a keyword tool does help for me anyway.
leoemery Premium
The free version of Ubersugest is a great alternative to Ahrefs and Semrush.

And Ubersugest has a paid version for $29 per month. Way cheaper then the other two.