I have someone say I can't use my domain name because they have copyrighted a phrase within in it. It is their business name and the title of their website. Is this true?

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mrfelixp Premium
You'll probably need to do some research or talk to a lawyer.
Marilynm1 Premium
Thank you. I am not attached to my domain name so taking it down is not an issue. The contact is an education business here in Australia. So far he is pleasant. I now realise I have to be very careful with the legal issues. I was moving in another direction anyway so I have been
forced to act sooner.
BobBarr Premium
It's possible that you wouldn't be allowed to use the name -- Several years ago, a website client of mine inadvertently chose a name for her restaurant that had been federally trademarked. She received a formal cease-and-desist notice from the firm's lawyers. She had to change her restaurant's name and her website's domain name.

Who is "someone"? Have you received formal notice from them regarding your possible infringement of their copyright or trademark? You may need to contact a lawyer if you want to contest their claims.