I watched a WAbinar last night about niche picking, and that made me really think about the niche I selected. First of all, it's personal finance, but I'm targeting two specific areas of personal finance.

So, here are my thoughts... And I sort of ran into this many years ago when I was blogging in this area. People who are in debt and struggling financially, do not have money they should be spending on anything. I also don't believe in credit counseling services, or credit consolidation programs, so I can't (in good conscious) steer people to any of those services (even though they have lucrative affiliate programs). I would also hesitate to promote any of the other "get out of debt" systems & courses I've seen because I think it's all bogus crap for the most part. Bottom line, I would only promote information/services/products I believe in, and preferably things I've used myself to improve my own financial life. I'm not going to recommend something just so I can make some $$$ when I'm trying to help others get out of debt.

See my dilemma?? :)

So the question of how I'm going to monetize is why I'm second guessing my niche. I really want my affiliate marketing experience to be a success! Am I passionate about this niche? YES! Do I honestly want to help people improve their financial lives? ABSOLUTELY!

So... Please share your thoughts. Thank you!


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Digital Ink Premium
If you feel you are sorta of an authority on credit and debt counseling, write about the programs and why you think they are a waste. Give them plenty of good, free, generic advise. Later on you could add like a low cost newsletter type subscription page or pages for detailed advise on these matters, or how to rebuild their credit or set up a budget after resolving their debt issues. Your moral issues are kept intact by providing free help on getting started in debt and credit management. A low cost subscription for detailed help and recovery is actually saving people money by learning how to manage their debt and money correctly.
Kimberly Premium
I'm just giving my opinion but if you can't feel passionate about what you need to promote and write about then definitely pick something new...Maybe you can find another way to help people better their lives that won't cost them money until they can afford it! You could represent affiliate marketing, I know it helped me a lot when my son was going through cancer treatments, $ was deff needed.. people need direction and there are plenty of free ways they can do this..just point them in the right direction..Good luck!
MarianMartin Premium
.Hi Dave,
I think you are definitely on the right track just because you´re second guessing yourself! I do think it is important to work on a niche that you really like as you will spend A LOT of time working on it.

I think a "bad" product gives you an excellent oportunity to gain "authority" in your niche, as your clients will notice that you know where you´re talking about! Please DO use these "bad" products and kindly tell your audience WHY you think they are bad.
So good or bad, everything is there to monitize. The only think you have to ask yourself is this: do you want to include an affiliatelink of the "bad" products or don´t you? That is up to you. You are NOT responsable of what other people decide. If you do not include the link, at least you can talk about them and warn people!
Good luck! But you will do just fine:)
MaudMan Premium
Thank you Marian. That does help put things in perspective a bit. I'm sticking with my niche. And hey, I'm not locked into anything. I have plenty of niche ideas on the back burner I can work on once my primary one no longer needs life support.
BIS Premium

I don't think there's a dilemma at all. You've already spelled out what you believe in. You don't want to promote anything unless you believe in it and you don't want those who already have money troubles to spend even more on useless products. You want to help people get out of debt.

You're not second guessing your niche you're sensibly setting out what you want for your site.

How are you going to monetise it? By offering products you do believe in. They may not be as lucrative but that's what you want.

Will this make you mega bucks? No one could say. But if you offer good advice and products that people need there's no reason why it shouldn't be a successful one.

MaudMan Premium
Thanks Beverly. You're right. I need to trust my gut, stick with my passion, and have faith the rest will come.