I am trying to choose a Keyword. The Article is public transport in Las Vegas. But that's not relevant.

I used the Keyword tool and the best I could come up with was

"Getting Around Las Vegas Without a Car" src 103 trf 17 QSR 13

A pretty good Keyword.

But then I decided to begin typing that Key word into Google search

When I got to "Getting around las vegas w"

Google suggestions jumped in and suggested

" getting around las vegas strip without car "

Now In my opinion that should be a fantastic Keyword. assuming the stats are ok. But as its the Google Suggest option it should be a good choice. At least it should have a lot of search and traffic. but who knows the qsr might be high.

The keyword tool give the following.

"getting around las vegas strip without car" -

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MKearns Premium
Historical factoring may be at work here. The Las Vegas strip is of central interest to most seekers, not the environs of Las Vegas at large!
Triblu Premium
Hey Stephen,

Did you try clicking on Dig for the keyword phrase that you liked the best? Sometimes that option will provide even better phrases.
@RICH. Premium
Just because Google autosuggests something, doesn't mean it's a popular search term, in this case "getting around las vegas strip without a car" has <10.

Your keyword also always needs to make sense, otherwise you risk search engines substituting the grammatically correct result, ie. in this case they will return "getting around las vegas without A car".
sgregcrx Premium Plus
Yep, I appreciate it doesn't necessarily mean it's a popular search term but if the term it is suggesting FROM is quite popular, it stands to reason a lot of people ARE going to take the auto suggest as opposed to continuing typing the whole string. especially when the suggest DOES say what they were going to type?

I struggle to believe all 100+ people every month all decided to keep typing and not take the auto suggest?

I get what you are saying about the Grammer, I probably wouldn't have chosen this one. It was more of an example. I have experienced this many times on keywords that DO make sense grammatically. I'm wondering if I am missing a trick?