Can you use multiple keywords in a post if they fit naturally? I'm not jamming them in and it sounds completely natural. I didn't think about this before writing my first post and I've got a lot of keywords I can use in my second post. I actually used one without realizing it was a keyword.

Thanks in advance!

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LindsayRachl Premium
Thank you all!! I was worried I’d have to rewrite my first part. So glad I don’t need to.
PhoenixFlame Premium
The answer is YES! if they make grammatical sense though!
feigner Premium
your last statement is the right answer
if you write about one topic you will use other keywords surrounding it naturally anyway - so trying to use keywords you may force them in where they are unecessary....
but if you do have a few which fit - can you change them into sub headings and use them there...
As Brianna says - focus on one keyword..and cover it completely.
good luck
cnaughton101 Premium
Good morning! I have done this before because it made sense and was natural to cover the topic. Google ranked my secondary keyword. I think that's just how it works.

As long as your article is well written I think including multiple keywords is ok.
Irishredrose Premium
Yes, you can use many if they fit but you should only have one focus keyword.