Hello all. Questions in the title really. Can you really succeed with using zero or very low volume keywords? I'm interested in seeing what ppl think. Kyle, Carson and Jay, what do you think if you can see this question? Cheers

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EdwinBernard Premium Plus
Matt, 0 volume means you are ahead of the pack. As long as the QSR is low and the SEO is high, go for it. AS others have stated, it is your content that matters. Google also picks out secondary keywords in your content. It is possible that words and phrases within your content can result in people finding you.

Google Search Console will tell you what other keywords you are ranking for.


jghwebbrand Premium
Yes, you can because its more about the content in your post that ranks. There are many ways to say the same thing and those keyword phrases may have searches and you can get results because your are covering the same thought.
Triblu Premium
Hey Matt,

Here's Rob's (aka boomergp08) take on this topic: and I tend to agree with him.

Hope you find this helpful.
phil1944 Premium
It can actually indicate a keyword that's just starting to become popular. If that's the case, it can pay to become an early targeter.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
You can, it is just Google don't have enough data, this may change.

Sometimes keywords may not currently have potential however this may change in the future dependent context, you may want to keep it in a list and see its progress if you believe it may become a keyword goldmine.

I still would check Google Page 1 before settling on a keyword.