A couple months ago a member posted a link for submitting links to be indexed by google. I know all about webmaster tools and fetching but this was a different link. I had it saved in my favorites but computer crashed yesterday and trying to set up new laptop. I hope someone can help because that link seems to work so well.

Thanks in advance

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DaleMaz Premium
It is not fetch as google. That I do each time. However it was another link that a member posted. It was another Google thing where you post the entire link of the post you are trying to index. It worked great. Just wish I would have had 10 more minutes with my old laptop. grrrr
gjshawk Premium
If you saved it by clicking on the star on the post line, the same one that has the affiliate link, then go to the top of the page to the "search for help here... box and click on the star to the right, and it will bring up all your saved posts. Or did you already know that?
newmarketpro Premium
Hi Dale,
Have you tested it before? Hope you find it and can share with the rest.

Meanwhile, let me search if the post is still here...
VickiG Premium
Where are you trying to put the link Dale maybe i can see where you can find it