Hi Kyle,

I think I found my first niche:
I found this search : "holiday villas in France "
avg 5782 -
traffic 983 -
Qsr 0 -
Kdi great
Seo 91

I could easily sell "Holidays in beautiful villas in France" to Americans.
My English is ok and I know France very well and think I am passionate about it.
I also speak Dutch and found a dutch partner that rents over 4000 villas in France and has a complete setup affiliate program. So all this seems to be a good starting point.

So what would you suggest next? Should I get the domain name "HolidayVillasInFrance.com" since that seems a successful search, with little competition? Or rather find another domain name and have those keywords on the website? Or maybe something else? What do you suggest?

By the way, I will get a year premium and get my other domains over to you, as you suggested.
Its just a matter of time.

Cheers for your help, Jay is great, so is Carson.
Joining you is the greatest business thing I did so far in 2020.
Hope to hear from you soon.


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CuriousOwl Premium
Hi Seb,
Personally I think you are on the right track.
That domain name looks good and the niche is very lucrative.
You can do both, use the keyword in the domain as well as in the post title and headings.

I can see you want Kyle's suggestion so I suggest you also use the "Contact Kyle" link on the top left of the screen.

Cheers and good luck
ecbb Premium
Thank for your advice Surabhi.
I am going for it.
Good luck to you too.