Can I use the same key word term multiple times, my posts can be repeated for many different models ( classic cars) with lots of valuable content or is this a no no?

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JeffreyBrown Premium
Good answers for you, Frankie!

EmakAmelia Premium
Hi Frankie,

As Abie already stated, we use one keyword per post (yes, it can be prases or a sentence).

Let's say you put your main keyword phrase in your title. If your title is "how to find great keywords" and your target phrase is "find great keywords," you're also going to rank under "great keywords" and "keywords." Probably not very high, because they're not as specific, but they will rank somewhere.
If you really get lucky, your target keyword and at least one of its derivatives will both rank well. That's all stuff you can check out when you do your keyword research if you already have a title in mind. Sometimes you can tweak it a bit and squeeze two well-ranking keywords in there.

Again, do research one keyword (main keyword) and just write. Naturally, other keywords will be included in the post. The reason you want to use a certain keyword is that based on data, this keyword is being searched and most likely if you use it in your post, it will help it get indexed and ranked.

One thing you have to remember, try not to use the same keywords over and over. Google might see it as unnatural (keyword stuffing).

Hope it helps,
Only1Hugh Premium
Thanks Ferra for this response to Frankie's question
Frankie24 Premium
Brilliant, thank you
AbieAJ Premium
One keyword a post. You can write a 1000 plus posts, goes in title and again in first or second paragraph and then write freely.
Frankie24 Premium
Thank you thank you thank you