It´s one thing I´not sure about. Because photos are tricky (to have all legal) I have used some of it more than once. But I start to think about, can I use same photo in the gallery of the websites with more than one keyword in Alt text? For example, if I use photo of village in one article with keyword A in Alt text, can I use the same photo from the gallery in another article where I use B as kayword in Alt texxt?

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whitsunday Premium
Hi. Yes I have used the same image in different posts and changed the alt tag to the keyword on each post. Only problem changes the alt tag on your other previous posts too, which is not really the desired effect.
I've begun spending more time at pixabay and other free image catalogues to expand my library, so to avoid this problem in future. By the way, don't try to tidy up your wordpress image library by deleting images that you have used on your posts. It will also delete them from the posts....not fun!
Go well from Janelle
Noteboom Premium
Hmmm, that another experience than the other user talked about here but the way I start thinking about. Are you sure? Because it´s huge work to change all of it but on same time very important to do it.
BobBarr Premium
Be sure to keep the keywords that you're using relevant to the picture on which you're using them.

Alt text provides a text substitute for the blind using screen-readers and for anyone who browses your site with images turned off. As such, its purpose is to describe what's shown in the image.
Noteboom Premium
Thanks everybody.

Of course it´s relevant, it was just the question that I can use the photo in more articles than one. Great to know
mijareze Premium
Yes if it is relevant...
jvranjes Premium
Yes you can use the same photo, for Google machines this is an empty box, they do not see it. All they can see are the file name, alt text and caption, and the text referring to the image, that is why it is so important to add those attributes. So yes, you can use different file name (with keyword embedded in it) and different keywords in general.
paulgoodwin Premium
Google see your photo and all the tags that you add