Can i reuse the same article on my website that i have written twice for 2 different target keywords? (The article is rellevent for more than 1 keyword)

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TamieB Premium
It is better to write a new article.
Dbrums Premium
That is a great question and something I struggled with early on. "It's my darn words, I didn't steal them!" They are all correct who answered before me. Google is very picky about duplicate content, even if it is your own. So, it may be your content, but you will rank the post better by creating unique content. There are programs that even you and I can purchase that will tell us if content is from anywhere else on the Internet. Google's abilities are even much more sophisticated.

I hope this is all helpful. Go write a killer article, better than the other one! :)
keishalina9 Premium
hey hi L & welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Premium!

Good question and all questions are good ones here...

Many others before you have asked pretty much this very same question.... and indeed, our replies are pretty much the same....

It is advisable to create, to draft, to write, original unique content for each individual post.


For a whole of host reasons (in no particular order):

1. effective SEO;

2. engagement with your audience:

3. copying of any kind is a real no-no on this platform and on the internet in general ... it's likened to 'plagiarism' ... remember that in school?

well, there's likely other reasons why ... these are just off the top of mind ...

So, the bottom line ... what would your answer be now? ....

keep well and all the best to you for every Success .... :)
megawinner Premium
No, you shouldn't. Unless you change all the wordings and add more points, I would rather make a new one altogether.
Mark K Premium
I wouldnt, as it would be seen a duplication by Google. Even if you changed the odd word here and there.