After the last few weeks of training, I need to change my domain name. I need to add a keyword to my title. Can I change my domain name? It's not up and running Im still working on the layout.

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Glen-FYDJ Premium
Hey KOKO777,

Unfortunately, if you have already purchased the Domain name then you wont be able to change it, In my opinion that shouldn't be the differentiator for you, if you you are using Keyword Rich content in your posts and content pages then that should trump simply the domain name.

Kyle's section in the training on Keyword researching is super helpful and will definitely guide you going forward! Hope this helps you


KoKo777 Premium
Glen. I didn't purchase yet thank goodness:)
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - if you are using a purchased domain, then no, you can't change it. You don't need a keyword in your domain name. People find your site by searching for the keywords in your content, not by searching for its name. Each individual post will get ranked separately.
KoKo777 Premium
DianeScorpio. Thank you for that answer. :)