Kindly refer my last message 17 days ago. I used a low competition Keyword (Indian Women's clothing) using research with sufficiently high traffic as explained in your tutorials. There are eight comments on the post also. Unfortunately it is not ranked by Google and if I search in google with the Keyword
'Indian Women's clothing' it is not showing at all in any of the pages (I have checked in at least 20 search result pages). I wanted to know the possible reasons. But unfortunately you ignored my specific question and replied something general. Very disappointed. That was my first post after I created my site

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DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - I am not sure who you are addressing this question to, but it has come through to a classroom.

I took a look at your site and there are several reasons this post is not being ranked. First of all, it is fairly new and Google views all new sites with suspicion for the first 6 months.

Secondly, you only have this one post on your website dated August 13, which is now 2 months ago. You need to add fresh content on a regular basis to attract Google's attention. It will think this site has been abandoned and there is no point in ranking it.

Here is the most important reason it won't be ranked - 52% of it is copied and pasted from a variety of other websites, such as this one

So, if you want your posts to be ranked, you need to add lots more content and it has to be original, written in your own words, not copied.
AMUKHO Premium
Thanks a lot. I was at the sea to make out what went wrong. Your insights make me realised that all is not lost.. I shall definitely work on your suggestions. Regards
MrGarkeiner Premium
Your post doesn't rank in google immediately. It takes a while.