This is something that has been part of the reason why I have been holding myself back. I do not want to have to update the older posts to my current oldest website which has only like 20 posts since I joined back on May 27, 2018.

however I have created a local seo marketing website that has been sitting there still needing to be completed- can I still do that and affiliate marketing in this newer website?

what inspired this question is that I want to create a website that is in a niche that is related to personal development, the law of attraction, the power of the mind, the matrix, spiritual science, and psychology- among many related topics that resonate more with me than affiliate marketing.

I do plan and hope to incorporate affiliate marketing into this ideal niche site.

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TheAdvisor Premium
Thank you all who took the time to be helpful in your advice and suggestions- you guys practically only confirmed what I felt I knew internally all along.

This should now only come to me making a decision on what should be something long-term and fulfilling in many aspects!

You guys are awesome!
DerekMarshal Premium

It is called sexing your niche. More often than not you will see lifestyle bloggers have sites that are a mix and match of 2 or more niches I.e Parenting and Foodie, Fashion & Travel, Sports & Fitness, fashion, fitness and photography - just some examples.

It has been known for people to mix MMO and Travel.

Not something I recommend unless you really know how to drive traffic other than SEO as mixing competitive niches without narrowing down - super competitive and will take a lot of content from each niche.

In your case sure, add additional areas as categories, siloing yoru content as you go along.

Many MMO sites promoting WA have a few sub niches of Surveys, MLMs, reward sites, as well as general reviews.
MRRSP Premium
That's what I've done with my site. My niche is parenting but I added reviews that relate to parents and families, budgeting and promoting WA because how many of us here are parents right? We all want the best for our kids and would love to spend more time with them so I saw WA as very fitting for my site.

I figured if it all fit together it would be doable and not too crazy for a beginner.

I hope this helps you with your choice.

All the best
etseil20 Premium
You could.

My concern is what kind of audience are you targeting? When I pick niches, I try not to reach out to all groups. My niche (time management) is a general one, but I write content geared toward a business like-minded community.

Combining niches on one website might not be the best for beginners, but maybe you're willing to take on that challenge.

Although you can go that route, it might be more challenging starting out. But if these are subjects you're interested in, don't hold yourself back.

I hope that helps.

All the best,

LawrenceHill Premium
The easy answer is you can do what you want...

The sensible answer :-

if you believe the two niche's relate to each other then there is no reason why you cant hold them on the same domain / website.

but if they don't relate to each other then it would not make sense to your reader and could result in an unprofessional look.

the only exception to this ( i can think of) is if you had a domain called josesblog.... com etc then you could literally cover anything you are interested in because your about me page and menu structure would split it into the relevant structures

I believe (don't quote me) that google etc does give some ranking to whole site - but it doesn't care whether post 1 is related to post 2 ... it primarily ranks individual posts based on their individual content