Last week I changed keyword one of my post published since 1 month ago which already indexed to another keyword. what will happen now!?

And it's ok if make this change if i found thier is no traffic for this keyword of this post!? or keyword is wrong? and i need to change it?

What will happen to ranking to this post? something wrong will happen!


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suzieq Premium
Hi Basil,
I've done this occasionally if my post isn't getting any traffic, and it's posted on page 32 or something, lol.
If your post is ranked in the first few pages, I wouldn't change the keyword, but add new, relevant keywords in the article. In time, it could be ranked with those new keywords.
Just update by adding more text, and change the date to the current one, and ask Google to index it again.
basilty Premium
Thanks a lot for reply. it very helpful to me.

Just small question.
1) If i add relevant keywords in the article. Is their another change i need to do on post, like permalinks "URL path", etc.
2) my post even it's indexed, I found that is not displayed at all on google search engine even i check until last page! even i search on my keyword. what this means!?

suzieq Premium
Your post can be indexed and still not rank very high. It all depends on so many factors. Make sure you're writing to your reader. Give them all the relevant information they're looking for when they type in their question in Google.

When you search for a keyword, try to find something with over 50 searches per month but less than 50 QSR. My ideal choice is 250 searches with less than 50 QSR. They're hard to find but sometimes I get lucky, haha.

If you want to change the keyword in your title, you'll need to change your permalink as well. It shows below your title when you're in edit mode on WordPress.

Click on edit, delete the old keyword, and enter your new one with a "dash" between each word.

For example, if your new keyword is "how to slice a tomato", your new permalink would be "how-to-slice-a-tomato"
basilty Premium
Thank you very much