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how to beat fraud <10 <10 View Result 9.6 9.5

if it has article power of 9.5 and ppc power of 9.5 I am thinking that is a good score. but if traffic and the next column are at <10 and <10 then that is bad isn't it, but why does it show it at all? Can it be used or not?

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MKearns Premium
It appears to be close to 10. I would follow the advice given here. However, if you feel your message in this niche can resonate, then look for better keywords to put it over the top
Maggie2016 Premium
If the keywords are searched for less than 10 times a month, as Marion says waste of time.
JudeP Premium
I agree with Marion :)
MarionBlack Premium
Less than 10 (<10) searches a month means it's a waste of time.